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Do I need ServSafe Manager training or ServSafe Food Handler training?

Students seeking the more in-depth food safety certification (and to satisfy both Virginia law and the health department) should generally take the Certified Food Protection Manager Certification class, precisely what RVA Food Safety provides in all of its publicly offered classes. Food Handler, on the other hand (which we do not provide), is a more abbreviated program used primarily in providing basic food safety instruction to non-management/entry level personnel. Food Handler does not generally satisfy Virginia law requiring most establishments to have Certified Food Protection Managers on staff.

For ServSafe Manager, is online or in-person instruction better for me and which does RVA Food Safety offer?

The online class can be good option for those wanting to complete their exam preparation at home over a period of days, weeks, or even months. Online students, however, often end up paying more, don't generally receive the Manager textbook to study and to keep, and have access to the online study materials for only a limited amount of time. Additionally, online students testing with online exam vouchers or with the paper exam must still visit a proctor for testing just like other students.

In-person instruction, the other exam-preparation approach, is what RVA Food Safety offers. This is so because this type of class provides both in-depth, personalized learning AND the ServSafe Manager textbook to study and to keep as an indispensable industry reference tool. Furthermore, this format allows full-day students to test within minutes of completing the actual class, to complete the entire process in less than one full business day (although it is recommended that you study before class!), and, typically, to save money.

Do I need to visit a proctor for Manager testing whether I am testing on paper or online with an exam voucher number?

Yes, you do. Testing either of those ways must be conducted in the presence of an approved ServSafe proctor.

Can I take the Manager course online but test with RVA Food Safety?


Absolutely, but you'd need to register directly with RVA Food Safety for the testing part. Test-only students can either enroll in one of our public sessions or contact us to schedule a one-on-one testing appointment held in our classroom facility.



Am I able to take the written test in a different language?

Yes, with a minimum of three weeks notice, we can order Spanish, French Canadian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean versions of the exam for students participating in our publicly-offered classes. It is critical to understand, however, that the class itself will still be taught only in English. Only the written exam itself would be in the language selected.

Are all ServSafe Manager classes the same regardless of provider and does pricing vary from company to company?

Classes are different at just about every place. Some might predominantly use aids like games or videos, for example, while others may focus more on in-depth, chapter-by-chapter discussion of the material and the utilization of study exercises for reinforcement. RVA Food Safety does more of the latter. You can always ask any instructor how they do things. Pricing varies from company to company for sure, so it's wise to shop carefully.

How long does it take to get results from one of your group class sessions and how do I receive my actual certificate?

Typically 1-2 weeks. Students leave class with detailed instructions for printing their certificates directly from the ServSafe web site once their results have been posted.

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